Enjoy this Supertiny Superlovely Super-series by my Superpal Robin Reiser! SUPERFFUN!
— Maria Bamford
Pink Eye Banner - Draft 1 (1).png

Created by comedian Robin Reiser (Last Comic Standing, E!, Sundance, NBC), Pink Eye explores our clumsiest human failings and the hopes and visions that keep us going no matter how humiliated we are.

Pink Eye follows the journey of an unlikely woman who finds her super-power at the bottom of a urinal. With all the best intentions, barely any confidence, and no clue, she attempts entry to the super-hero world so she can use her power for good, but finds it takes much more than a superpower to be a hero.

Pink Eye was inspired by our desire to do more with our ordinary “super-powers” and frustration at the difficulty we all find when trying to enact change in our lives, or better yet, affect the world at large.

You can watch all three episode of Pink Eye below.