Robin Reiser is a writer, award-winning comedian, actress, and the co-author of The Tao of Zero Fucks. Robin wrote and plays all the roles in the new web series PINK EYE, directed by Sarah Feeley. In addition to being an audience favorite on Last Comic Standing and at the Sundance Film Festival, she can also be seen doing commentary on E! and Oxygen.

Her work on Jenee LeMarque’s short Spoonful brought her to Sundance in 2012 and landed her a role in LeMarque’s feature The Pretty One starring Zoe Kazan, Frankie Shaw, and Jake Johnson.

Robin wrote and starred in a parody short call Boob Toob which was a hit on the front page of Funny or Die. Other credits include Henry Jaglom’s Going Shopping, Andy Bergmann’s Jack Rabbit Sky, and the series Girl’s Night Out.

Robin has sold and developed several scripted and unscripted TV shows, including collaborating with brother Will Reiser on The High Life which sold to NBC for the 2013 season.

She is currently developing a solo show based on her debaucherous adolescence slated to premiere in Los Angeles in June of 2019, and is about to start shopping a dark comedy inspired by those experiences.

Robin attended an expensive private college in NY (Manhattanville) where she proved she was smart and interesting by double majoring in Theater and Pre-Med. She graduated with honors only to move into a tent with her deadbeat boyfriend and his skinny dog. 

Once that love-well ran dry, she joined a group of traveling entertainers and found herself working as characters for kid’s parties. After a few grueling months, and weary from life on the road she fled from the troop and found a much-needed respite under the warm loving arm of Los Angeles. Robin currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband, son, and cat. Her house is a mess.





Enjoy this Supertiny Superlovely Super-series by my Superpal Robin Reiser! SUPERFFUN!
— Maria Bamford
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Created by comedian Robin Reiser (Last Comic Standing, E!, Sundance, NBC), Pink Eye explores our clumsiest human failings and the hopes and visions that keep us going no matter how humiliated we are.

Pink Eye follows the journey of an unlikely woman who finds her super-power at the bottom of a urinal. With all the best intentions, barely any confidence, and no clue, she attempts entry to the super-hero world so she can use her power for good, but finds it takes much more than a superpower to be a hero.

Pink Eye was inspired by our desire to do more with our ordinary “super-powers” and frustration at the difficulty we all find when trying to enact change in our lives, or better yet, affect the world at large.

You can watch all three episode of Pink Eye below.

I never dreamt we’d get someone as great as Robin. She’s an amazing stand up comedian

— Jenee LaMarque Director, Writer

So funny, I actually pulled some pages out and framed them!
— Amazon Review

More than just a book, The Tao of Zero Fucks is a spiritual guide for anyone who is quite simply sick and tired of putting up with other people's shit. The authors have painstakingly translated the quotes of some of the world's greatest thinkers into modern prose, providing readers with a well-deserved shortcut to enlightenment and inner peace.



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